Ohio Who 2018


20th & 21st October 2018 at German's Villa, Liberty Avenue, Vermilion, Ohio

Come and meet Ace

Come along to Ohio Who and meet Sophie Aldred, the actress behind the fantastic companion Ace. This lady has done so much wonderful work it would be impossible to mention it all on one page! Sophie will be signing autographs and posing for photos with fans on both days of the convention and will be charming us with some of her wonderful stories at her panel. This lady is a delight to chat to and I know you will all join me in showing her a big, warm welcome to Ohio Who.

The Valeyard is coming to Ohio

Make sure you get to visit with The Valeyard, Michael Jayston whilst you're attending Ohio Who. This fascinating actor has a wealth of stories to share with you at his panels and will be attending on both days of the Convention. Trust me folks, you do NOT want to miss this! Michael is such a varied and wonderful actor who has graced big and small screen alike. Fun fact: did you know that Michael actually played James Bond in a radio adaptation of You Only Live Twice?

Mr James Callaghan hard at work

James is really excited to come to Ohio and meet you guys. When Time Lord Expo was cancelled last year he was very disappointed as he has put a lot of effort in to make his first US convention special. But we here at Ohio Who get to reap the rewards of his hard work by having him as our guest! So I know you will all make this wonderful musician feel appreciated and I know you will love all his stories about the music from the show that he has been involved in creating and his adventures with Big Finish! James will be appearing on both days of the convention and has even promised us a fun evening in concert.

Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson has appeared in a huge variety of shows here in the UK but is relatively new to you guys in the USA. You've seen him many, many times on Doctor Who and in such prestigious shows as The Crown, Peaky Blinders and even Star Wars, Rogue One. So this will be Scott's first appearance anywhere in the States and he's looking forward to sharing all his stories with you during both days of the Convention.

Amy Pond Cosplay

Merabelle is a Doctor Who cos player who will be attending Ohio Who 2018. Last year she delighted fans when she came to the original event dressed as Amy Pond in her strip-o-gram outfit. Merabelle has had a life long love of dressing up and would get frustrated when this was only displayed once a year at Halloween. When she had her own children she passed her love of crafting and hand making outfits on to them and they work together now on her various creations. Relatively new to professional cos playing we are hoping you will welcome Merabelle to Ohio Who and support her on her continued journey.

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Here is a list of our ticket prices for Ohio Who 2018.

VIP weekend tickets - $130 to include $40 worth of “Star Cash”, 30 minutes early entry to the event, 10% off any ticketed organised event, swag bag valued at $50 including a limited edition Ohio Who item, reserved seating at panels AND priority line access
Weekend Pass - $50
Saturday Pass - $35
Sunday Pass - $25
Children under 10 go free with a paying adult. Maximum 2 children per paying adult

To book your tickets please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ohio-who-2018-tickets-40147729941 or email us at ohiowhocon@gmail.com
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